A List Of Top Attractions To Visit In The City Of Saginaw Michigan

Saginaw is a city in Central Michigan, and it’s located in the county with the same name. All cities in MI are great to travel. Some are more remote than others, especially in the UP. Saginaw is a mid-sized city, and it offers plenty of great things to do. Here are some of the top attractions listed for Saginaw MI.

First, there is a Castle Museum, which is located at 500 Federal Avenue. The museum is focused on local history, which is really neat. You get to learn about the area you are in, and that makes this experience a real gem. The building itself is quite nice, and people say that it is lit up during the nighttime. The museum is a total of three floors, and it’s going to make for a really nice experience.

The next featured attraction is the Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge, located at 6975 Mower Road. You can take a walk, ride a bike or even drive through this scenic refuge. Are you into nature photography? Maybe you would like to explore the outdoors with your family in Saginaw and find some great places to take pictures. Vacation pictures are always fun, and the Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge is a great place to take them. You might see quite a lot of wildlife out there, too.

The Saginaw Valley Rail Trail is another popular place to check out. It is located at 6225 Stroebel Road, and people say that the trail is well-maintained. Are you familiar with Lumberman’s Park? It is one of the places that people stop for parking in order to enjoy the Saginaw Valley Rail Trail.

Pride and Country Village is another great place to visit in Saginaw, Michigan. The location is 5965 East Holland Road, and it’s supposed to be marketplace where you can buy all kinds of great decor items. People do say that the availability of handmade goods is a little more limited these days, but that’s to be expected. There are all kinds of treasures that can be found at Pride and Country Village.

Ojibway Island is another wonderful area of Saginaw to explore. You’re going to be right on the river at Ezra Rust Drive. There is a country music fest held there during the summer, and the island is said to be very scenic and beautiful. You can cross a bridge to get there or take a walking path. It’s a wonderful spot for a family picnic, and it is probably the first place in Saginaw that I would actually want to visit now that I’m more familiar with the list of top attractions.

You’re going to have so much fun on your trip to Saginaw MI. There are so many adventures that await you, and you will certainly get to spend a lot of time outdoors if you are up for it. Don’t forget to check out all the great restaurants and other places of interest in the city. I bet that Saginaw has an old-school downtown area that would be nice to browse as well.